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Declaration of Inefffable Intent
if i could have any one thing
any desire
it would be to have my own skull to set upon a shelf
to peer into my own empty sockets
to look upon that crooked heap of bone
that ever lurks inside myself
to ask the face of my own death
"what happened, did we see it coming?"
to see and to know
once and for all
that right over the closest shoulder that can be imagined
that charnel thing that licked and lapped at my denial
always knew the score, and still it grinned
always plotting, waiting to burst righteously
through the prison bars of flesh and skin
self-appointed warden, guard and architect
of the cell it has constructed to wax fat and crafty in
i am but a vessel;
a courier built and programmed for the inevitable end
blind and senseless messenger on puppet strings
entrusted with a missive i could never read or write or send
idiot feet trudging ever closer to the promised land
where the slave that is my master can be by himself forever
a figure set in crumbling stone, standing proudly
a shini
:iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 0 0
and he was a mighty god of iron and fire, twisted shrapnel and spent casings, rusted blades and shattered shields, shard and bolt and plate, flesh and blood and bone. his radioactive heart held the schematics to every wasted artifice, creations willingly fit only to destroy, and the statistics of every stolen last moment, lives existing in ignorance to be cut down. in his path there danced only fire, in his wake there stirred only ash. he created man to emulate him, to create themselves in his own image, and he has not been disappointed. he is your father. he is your glory. he is your master, your emancipator, and your executioner. he is WAR. know him, and revel in eradication at his leaden touch.
:iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 2 1
My Worst Enemy
i have needs...
but time has decreed
to be completely
empty inside me
and it bends
near and so cowardly
slips out the back
and i just want to scream:
but instead, it thieves
and it steals
all my seconds and my moments
times days lives
my memories
until i am weak, feeble
unable to move or see
and it is strong
bloated and swollen
with everything it took from me
and at the final countdown
i am K.O.'d
in one mighty blow
but as god
dressed up
like a cage-match referee
waves his finger
i am free.
:iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 1 4
Lich or Something :iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 0 2 Corners :iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 0 2
Deep Endless Bleed
poor cold boy
with the soft clay soul
and the sin i drink
straight from the bowl
dog from the toilet
small, old and soiled
creaking despite being so well-greased
the joints drown in an endless font of oil
from a pipe choked with corpses
shed hair and broken toys
finally free
from the torment and toil
of a lifetime of service
blood of the ocean
afloat on the surface
gushing to kill
and for no other purpose
:iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 1 2
Rib Knife :iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 18 12
Mature content
Hidden Treasures :iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 1 5
W40K Space Marine Honor :iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 28 20 Do I Feel Lucky? :iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 1 4 Anatomy of Madness :iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 1 4
Stop Kissing Me in My Dreams
get out of my dreams
and get into my car
except that's happened several times
hasn't worked so far
all the words i ever say to you
feel like printers in a blitz
they smear in ink and paper ticker-tape
from a mouth that sings and spits
and the laser-guided platitudes
aimed in your heart's direction
never winning any gratitude
or earning your affection
so i scream "MY NAME IS CREATURE"
as i carpet bomb your mind
to no effect, my weapons useless;
your bunkers are lead-lined
and your walls and mine and theirs
this house of cards that has been dealt
how many houses can be built
before i'm outside by myself?
between stone cliffs of what you might become
my reservation hides
a court of bones that was an alley
until it closed in on all sides
i fear the building will go on
surround my open cell
until i'm walled-in and forgotten;
till someone notices the smell
so get your lying kisses off me
get your lips away from mine
you don't exist in my reality
you're not a part of this design
your tower wi
:iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 0 12
Wolf Moon
wolf moon
right here and now
inhaling useless foam
and spitting it in the snow
the gems of deserts glitter
ice under my fingernails
cold wind makes me shiver
flowing over hill and dale
blue eyes
tying puppet strings to my psyche
blue like the icicles forming inside me
and dead eyes
not subject to my analysis
unsettling in their lack of synergy
old friends and new smells
bad smells and new friends
bad friends and old smells
wolf moon never tells.
:iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 1 5
New and Improved
it's weird
when you're this fucked up
and it's this hour
alone in skull with you and a friend
here we are
watching the screen, talking screen
and the complete plastic horror of it all
is completely apparent
rubber old head
wants you to find your perfect partner
just click now
exploding rainbow glitter
conceals the wet fangs of devils
seeking to ensnare blinded souls
it'll all be okay if you send them your gold
by the way
the couple having sex on shutter clicks wants you to know
it's really fucking fantastic looking like we do
and not how you do
so buy consume so you can consume
all you want
and isn't that just the fucking american way
please give pills so i can watch this
and life is just a box of chocolates
and i want you
to eat
please eat yourself and me as well
oh, and
eat shit.
:iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 1 6
fragile human slug corpse
littered all over with plastic shavings
crawling in an undead way
under my rejection
bitter little eggshells
walking on their own selves
cupped in hands so small
they escape detection
dusty-tasting apathy
so unbecoming
flushing all your cares away
and plugging up the plumbing
extinct and deceived
i couldn't care for either
surrender and seizure
confiscate every little treasure
no more sunny happy thoughts
to break my cold weather
i want ice in my guts
and frost in my windpipe
and to blow your fires out
so we can freeze together.
:iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 2 2
specie vulgaris :iconguns4jesus2004:guns4jesus2004 3 30

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im not dead. ive been away from DA for a long time though. i have much art sitting and waiting for me to get the confidence/camera to photograph and submit. so maybe someday ill be back. i dunno. miss me?
  • Listening to: a lot of aesop rock
  • Reading: Wanderer's Guild books. nice.
  • Watching: porns.
  • Playing: Borderlands...OBSESSIVELY.
  • Eating: nothing appetizing.
  • Drinking: ...again.


Jordan Leavitt
United States
Current Residence: Maine
Favourite genre of music: I listen to little bits of everything. Except country. Country fucking sucks.
Favourite style of art: I like surrealism, on the darker side of things.
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Phillips Something-or-other.
Shell of choice: eh... conch?
Wallpaper of choice: anything with skulls.
Skin of choice: soft
Favourite cartoon character: Zim...possibly Dr. Tran
Personal Quote: "Well, I fuckin' 'bout...'bout."


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